My biannual update on the Marco Arment 10-Year Challenge.

In the past six months, I’ve managed to change quite a few things. The biggest change was leaving my job at the end of May. After several months of trying to work on projects in the evenings and weekends, I decided it was necessary to go full-time on the projects if I wanted to see any real progress. Thirty days in and I can feel a significant difference in what I’m able to accomplish. Motivation is high and the progress is fun to watch.

Current Projects

The Red Ace

Haven’t made any changes on it other than an update Swift to 3.0. I am experimenting with pricing a bit to see if I can change my App Store rankings or weekly revenue. At the end of the experiments, I’ll write a piece on how the experiments performed.


I’ve worked on these on and off for the past few months, but have been picking up steam since leaving my job. I got my first announcement out via the Elm Weekly newsletter. I’m planning a few more staged rollout pieces. A retweet from the @elmlang account or @evancz (the creator of Elm) could boost my audience a bit. Most important is to keep producing the episodes weekly.

Sidenote: If you want your link in an email newsletter, subscribe to it and hit reply. There are real people on the other end who are happy you’re providing them content they don’t have to find themselves.


iOS 10 has me pretty excited to build a particular workout app for the Apple Watch and iPhone. I prototyped on the developer Beta 1, but ran into just enough bugs to shelve it for the time being. Beta 2 was just released, so I’ll be back on that shortly.


An Elixir and Elm web app that I’m hoping can carry me for a lot longer than smallish iOS apps. It’s to the point where I am beginning some user experience research and will have the earliest alpha testers on board soon. It’s clear there is a market for it, but not clear if my solution is fitting that market yet.