I am certainly not the first to experience it, but if you were looking for hard data on the update slump, look no further. Below are two iTunes Connect App Analytics charts from before and after I released an update in the App Store.

Several things could be happening here.

  1. Lack of reviews turns buyers away.
  2. Latest version crashes a lot and is getting negative reviews.
  3. Updated keywords/description with new version destroys SEO.

I can’t prove number 1, but judging by these charts, I don’t think it’s number 2 or 3. Product page views and crashes are pretty consistent, implying people are finding the app, but not pulling the trigger on purchasing it.

"App Analytics, 9 September 2016 through 9 October 2016"

"App Analytics, 10 October 2016 through 14 November 2016"

Because I’m not the first to see this trend, I think it’s safe to say this is because of my lack of reviews. Five stars to no stars is a rough way to go.

If you’ve purchased the app and would like to help out, please write a review.